NJ Alpha RLC

NJA Brothers Studying

“Building Balanced Men”

With these three words, we capture the essence of SigEp’s value to its members: charting a course for men to live their best lives by embracing our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love and committing to the practice of Sound Mind and Sound Body.

The men of SigEp can follow this course through every role in their lives. Every element of SigEp’s short- and long-term plan is designed to deliver on this mission.

The Extension

New Jersey Alpha RLC Highlights

    • With a chapter GPA of over 3.31 in the past two years, the Stevens chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon boasts the highest GPA of all campus fraternities in the IFC.
    • Our NJ chapter boasts a chapter manpower of over 90 brothers.
    • Brothers of SigEp continue to dominate in Inter-fraternal Council and intramural sports such as football, soccer, basketball and softball.
    • Brothers of SigEp are not only leaders in our chapter, but leaders in many areas of Stevens life.
    • Over 90% of Stevens’ SigEps are involved in other campus areas, including 10 varsity athletes, ROTC, Bowling Team, Volleyball Team, Drama Society, the Stute, Honor Societies, and many other clubs and organizations.
    • SigEp has a resident scholar who was a SigEp at Stevens, and helps the students from writing essays, editing resumes, and help build time management skills.
    • Our completely renovated chapter house is valued at over $4 million.