Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fraternity?

A fraternity is a group of men who believe and live by the same set of values, and foster a close friendship through those values. These values bind together not only the current chapter members, but members and alumni throughout the country. Fraternity men incorporate these values in all aspects of their lives, never letting go of those beliefs. Sigma Phi Epsilon’s values are Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.

Why does Sigma Phi Epsilon pride itself on being “different?”

SigEp prides itself on being different because that difference has helped us come to lead the fraternity world. SigEps refuse to be stereotyped as “frat boys,” nor its chapters as “animal houses.” Sigma Phi Epsilon is dedicated to the idea that a fraternity is much more than a social organization — it is an institution of higher learning; one that centers around the ideals of allowing one to live his best life.

My son is considering joining a SigEp chapter, what can I expect?

When a young man joins Sigma Phi Epsilon, he immediately finds out he has joined something unique. In joining a Balanced Man Program (BMP) chapter, he instantly becomes a brother. The BMP eliminates pledging from the chapter experience, and puts an emphasis on continued development throughout college and beyond.

What is the cost of membership in the Fraternity?

To join Sigma Phi Epsilon each member pays a registration fee due within 24 hours of joining. For a Balanced Man Program chapter the cost is $275.

Balanced Man Program Chapter includes:

  • Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood, the manual of the Fraternity
  • Balanced Man Pin
  • Membership Card
  • Membership Certificate
  • The Quest, a guide to continuous development in the Balanced Man Program Subscription to The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the alumni magazine of the Fraternity

Each chapter has its own local dues that go into the chapter’s operating budget. The amount varies from chapter to chapter, but there are some costs that are paid to the Headquarters. Every fall your son pays $115 in annual dues. He also pays for liability insurance, which is assessed in the spring. The amount varies from year to year. This year it is $128 per member, and last year it was $126.

What is Sigma Phi Epsilon’s stance on hazing?

Sigma Phi Epsilon is clear and concise in its stance against hazing. Hazing is illegal; therefore it has no place in the Fraternity. Sigma Phi Epsilon holds its members to the highest possible standard, so breaking the laws of the country, state, and university will not be tolerated.

Sigma Phi Epsilon truly believes that the words “hazing” and “fraternity” are not interchangeable. SigEp has, for many years, been breaking the stereotype that fraternities haze. The National Fraternity, through programming and leadership opportunities, has promoted the idea of safe and responsible development. Hazing is the direct opposite of everything Sigma Phi Epsilon represents.

What is Sigma Phi Epsilon’s perspective on alcohol & substance abuse?

Sigma Phi Epsilon does not promote the use of alcohol in any manner whatsoever. It is the national fraternity’s opinion that alcohol should only be used in a safe and responsible manner by people of legal age.

Sigma Phi Epsilon goes to great lengths to educate its members on alcohol and its effects. Through national programming, Sigma Phi Epsilon helps its members understand the consequences of one’s choices when alcohol is involved. SigEp also promotes risk management guidelines to help chapters and members make smart decisions when it comes to alcohol.

What is the Leadership Continuum?

Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Leadership Continuum is a balance of self-development and team leadership skills training composed in four programs: EDGE, the Carlson Leadership Academy, the Ruck Leadership Institute, and the Quest to Greece. Through self-discovery, analysis, and interaction, brothers develop skills necessary

to lead balanced lives and to continue leading the fraternity world.

Who are some of SigEp’s alumni, and what do they say about the SigEp experience?

p>Sigma Phi Epsilon has a long tradition of alumni. These men excel in their respective fields. Among them are businessmen, world leaders, renowned artists, and all-star athletes. The greatest thing about SigEp alumni is they truly believe in the SigEp Experience. The proof is that our alumni continue to volunteer to help chapters and members. They continually donate money to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation for programs and scholarships. SigEp alumni believe that the SigEp experience is a lifetime commitment, and that is why they keep coming back to support the fraternity and its endeavors.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Sigma Phi Epsilon encourages anyone who is interested in learning more about the fraternity and its programming to contact either chapter leaders, alumni, our volunteers in the community, and/or the Greek Life Professional on campus. To contact one our Executive Board members, click here.

Also, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s National Headquarters is available to help answer your questions. Inquiries are always welcome because they clarify the Fraternity’s mission, vision, and any misconceptions that may be associated with Sigma Phi Epsilon.