Program Origin

In 1901, twelve men decided that the status quo was not good enough and set out to make a change for the better. As Founder Carter Jenkins put it, “This fraternity will be different.” Their changes resulted in the birth of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and the Balanced Man Program is the fruition of that dream. As the founders addressed changes in their environment, the Balanced Man Program addresses changes in today’s fraternity world. At a time when risk management and regulation have become common concerns, Sigma Phi Epsilon has learned to surpass these problems and focus on the principles of self-improvement and true brotherhood on which it was founded in 1901. Change created Sigma Phi Epsilon. Change propelled by the Balanced Man Program will perpetuate Sigma Phi Epsilon. During Sigma Phi Epsilon’s 1989 strategic planning process, the Strategic Planning Committee adopted the vision statement, Building Balanced Leaders for the World’s Communities.

To ensure that the Fraternity achieved its vision in undergraduate chapters, a committee of Fraternity leaders gathered to develop a new four-year membership development program. Specifically, the committee envisioned a continuous membership development program which would address the following undergraduate and chapter needs:

  • Little involvement of older members
  • Poor community involvement
  • Limited campus involvement
  • Poor understanding of the values articulated in the Fraternity’s Ritual
  • Limited focus on good leadership practices, including goal setting, mentoring, and respect for self and others
  • With the assistance of volunteers and undergraduates, the committee created the Balanced Man Program.

Furthermore, Sigma Phi Epsilon will go beyond Phi Beta Kappa when chapters demolish the “frat boy” stereotype through focusing on the development of a sound mind and a sound body. The Balanced Man Program is the best tool to use to reach this goal