The Balanced Man Program

The Balanced Man Program is the fraternity’s award-winning leadership development program. First implemented by Sigma Phi Epsilon in the fall of 1992, the Balanced Man Program is a self-paced, personal development experience.  SigEps are encouraged to live a balanced life based on the foundation of the Balanced Man Concept of sound mind and sound body.

In standing with the notion of a “Universal respect for self and others,” SigEp has eliminated the pledge process completely. The program grants all members the same rights and privileges from day one, which is contrary to the idea of a two-tiered, pledge model. Because we recruit the best men, they are granted full responsibility as soon as the accept the invitation of membership.


The four cornerstones of the Balanced Man Program are Mentoring, Community Involvement, Experiential Learning, and Brotherhood:


Mentoring plays an important role in the Balanced Man Program. All members both have mentors and serve as mentors, with the idea that asking someone to be your Mentor allows you to experience many different personalities, interests, ideas, and careers. A mentor is selected for his or her talents, values, and experience. Your mentor may be older or younger, as long as you are able to learn and receive advice from that person. Your mentor will help you succeed throughout the program and in life, becoming one of your closest friends. The best mentor/menthe relationships involve regular communication, clear expectations, and the sharing of dreams. Mentoring puts brotherhood into action! With over 14,000 SigEp Alumni currently signed up for the Mentors Association Program nationwide, there is no better way to network!

Community Involvement

Expectations for community involvement provide experiences meeting and working with many people of different backgrounds and diverse experiences. Through such contact and involvement, you will learn what issues face the community, how to be helpful, and how to work well with others.

The Balanced Man Program takes community service beyond simply cleaning up highways. It emphasizes service learning by truly growing as a person through efforts in the community. Preparation, hands-on-involvement, and personal interaction is key to the service learning experience.

Conducting a service learning project could mean working to feed the homeless, providing day care for children, or tutoring adults in a literacy program. It could also mean building a house, driving an elderly neighbor to the grocery store, or working in an animal shelter.

Service learning and other elements of community involvement are critical to leadership development. Through such involvement, a SigEp will become a balanced individual who has developed empathy for his neighbors, a broader world-view, and a dedication to responsible citizenship for a lifetime.

Experiential Learning

Every experience in life teaches us valuable lessons. The Balanced Man Program offers a wide range of opportunities for you to learn. Through experiential learning, you are provided with planned structures activities to facilitate these learning experiences.

We aren’t talking about learning in the classroom sense! We are talking about “learning by doing.” Fun learning! Getting outside and participating in a ropes course, a team challenge, developing individual skills, group communication or paint ball games, to name a few.

These challenges contribute to leadership development, enhancing your self-awareness, and increasing your self-confidence. Additionally, they will build the bonds of brotherhood by improving chapter communication, motivation, and cooperation.


Men join our fraternity for friendship, brotherhood and fellowship. Through these intangibles they experience personal growth and self-fulfillment through both traditional and innovative opportunities.

The long-standing opportunities are formals, homecomings, retreats, meal sharing, and chapter meetings. The innovative opportunities revolve around experiential learning, community service, inter-Greek relations, alumni networking, mentoring, leadership seminars, and our Grand Chapter Conclave. All align with and attribute to our goal of Building Balanced Leaders for the World’s Communities.