SigEp at a Glance

SigEp is Different

In a highly competitive environment, where students are pressured to excel in all respects of life from academics to athletics, there exists a group of individuals who stand out amongst the opposition. Under the demands of a rigorous and intense engineering/science curriculum, a group of men have taken initiative to be leaders for today’s classroom and tomorrow’s businesses. They have stepped up to excel in sports, dominating varsity teams and intramural leagues. Outside of the gym and field, they are can be seen scrutinizing over equations and novels to retain their top GPA. As if this wasn’t enough, they have gone beyond the scope of their campus, and extended their service and partnership with local communities. This is what it means to be a part of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

At New Jersey Alpha, the chapter has established an example. SigEp has demonstrated an alternative to the typical fraternity scene, and outperformed organizations who only secure a single purpose. SigEp is different. To demolish the “frat-boy” stereotypes, SigEp has done away with any “pleding” or “hell week” periods. All of our recruitment is done on a rolling process. In other words, we recruit all year round. When a brother first joins, he enters the brotherhood with full voting rights, and all the privileges that come with being a brother. We have absolutely no tolerance for Hazing, and have rid our vocabulary with words like “frat”, “little brother”, and “pledge”, and changed them to words like “fraternity”, “mentee”, and “recruit”. To be different, New Jersey Alpha has, and will constantly strive to lead by example.

Membership Requirements

* Show a work ethic towards keeping your mind and body in shape

* Be an involved student – we encourage taking leadership roles on campus. We also provide excellent leadership opportunities within the fraternity, such as serving on our Executive Board or within cabinets.

* Must have a minimum GPA of 2.9 on a 4.0 scale.

Process of Joining

Although the requirements for joining are strict, the process of joining is actually quite simple. Come to any one of our events to get to know some of the brothers, and learn more about SigEp. After a man has showed an active interest in SigEp, the Vice President of Recruitment, along with another brother, will sit down with the recruit for an informal interview. If the recruit meets all the requirements, has attended some SigEp events, and has a very strong interest in joining, the Brotherhood will vote to give the brother a bid to join.

A Fraternity Just Isn’t For Me

Before you make the decision that a fraternity just isn’t for you, come down to the chapter house or attend one of our events and find out first hand what we are about. I guarantee you will be impressed with our ideals, and you will realize that we aren’t the typical “frat” shown in the movies. Give us a chance, and I promise you won’t be sorry!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our VP of Recruitment or any brother from our members page for any additional information.